Corporate Profile

Horse Power Electric Tools Company (India) is part of ACE Group of Companies UK, CIS INDIA. Horse Power Electric Tools has been recognized as a pioneer and pacesetter in introducing many specialty power tools in India.  Horse Power has reached its leadership position through a continuous commitment to quality, innovation and proven dedication to meeting the ever-changing needs of its customers in all kinds of industries. The aim is to offer customers, products that could match the best in the world in performance and quality; not to mention the highest level of after sales service. Keeping this in mind Horse Power, has established ultra modern ISO-9001 certified   manufacturing facility on par with international standards, endorsing company's commitment to quality and systems. Horse Power is India's largest and No. 1 manufacturer of POWER TOOLS.

     Business Division

The primary business of Horse Power Electric Tools is manufacturing and marketing of Power Tools for varied Application in Metal, Wood, Concrete and Similar other materials for Cutting, Drilling, Sawing, Grinding, and Polishing Operations. On the strength of its accumulated knowledge & expertise gained over decades, Horse Power has built capabilities to offer diverse products and   Engineering related services. All Horse Power Tools stand for six month warranty from the date of sale against manufacturing defects. Also Horse Power has very strong after sales service back up, maximum time by 72 hours after sales service backup will be available with all of HORSE POWER distributors END.

We are in Business of
  • Horse Power Brand Electric Power Tools in India and C.I.S.
  • Ace Time Brand Wall Clock, Alarm Clock in C.I.S. And Europe.
  • Horse Power Brand Hand Tools in C.I.S. And Europe.
  • Auto Parts OEM supply in C.I.S. And Europe.
  • Road & Ride Brand Auto Accessories and OEM in C.I.S., Europe and in India.

Horse Power Electric Tools have a corporate strategy of delivering customer focused services through its state-of-the-art product development program and manufacturing facility where automation with human interface ensures superior quality.

Horse Power Electric Tools stand for reliability, safety and ease of use and a proven commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of its customers.

     International Work with Horse Power

Horse Power Electric Tools Manufacture Company Pvt. Ltd. is an international and globally active corporation. The global Horse Power team comes from extremely wide backgrounds. We develop and produce our products in more than 4 countries and supply in around 8 countries. Our employees can therefore work in an international atmosphere and learn at first hand how a global player works. This exposure is an ideal chance for the corporation and staff alike to learn from other cultures and benefit from the wealth of perspectives and ideas, since they are important influences in developing new products and services.

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